This year we’ve been working with an amazing church that has faithfully served an under-reached and under-resourced estate in it’s parish for years. They have prayed for, loved and served this community, and yet they were hungry to see it changed by the hope of Jesus in a deeper way. What would it look like if the next church leaders came from within this community? How might it enrich the life and witness of the church?

Over several months we began a needs assessment process with this church, and we can’t wait to see the fruits from this labour of love. We created a statistical map and understanding of the area, as well as uncovering the rich and challenging history of the area. Through interviews with residents, community members and staff we were able to access the strengths and weaknesses of the church and it’s mission. We did a lot of praying – prayer walking round the estate, joining the church in worship, listening to God’s voice and heart for this area.

Through this process we gained some key insights into what is to be celebrated, and what new areas can be explored in the dynamic work of this fantastic church. We would love to partner long-term with them as they seek to build community, share Jesus and raise up leaders.

As we emerge from a time of international change and instability, how well do you know your church and community? Would you like to gain new insights into the culture and people of the place you are called, or to hear where your church can be celebrated or changed? Would you like us to partner with you as you grow a vision that expresses the coming Kingdom of God within your context? Get in touch with Josh, our Mission Development Lead and we’d love to explore opportunities for partnership together.