Innovista identifies, equips and develops leaders to change their communities with the hope of Jesus.

In Great Britain, we are focused on equipping teams to grow sustainable mission and accessible church in disadvantaged communities. Our vision is to see local led churches that are making disciples, supporting people to overcome cycles of poverty and growing future leaders.

These local expressions of church will have a focus on children, youth and families – supporting individuals from birth to parenthood. Over time, this will lead to a generation of overcomers who will break cycles of poverty and live life to the full with Jesus. In order to see community change, 10% of 16-24 year olds will be:

  • Led by God – disciples who make disciples within a local church,
  • Leading themselves – resilient with the ability to bounce back from adversity and reach their potential and 1% of these will:
  • Leading others – have the character and skills to lead and grow leaders.

We expect it to take an average of 5 years to establish a church and 15-20 years supporting a generation to grow in faith, resilience, and leadership skills. Therefore community transformation will take 25+ years. We are committed to supporting churches and communities long term to see this transformation become a reality