Equipping Churches to Reach Their Community

September 2021

This year we've been working with an amazing church that has faithfully served an under-reached and under-resourced estate in it's parish for years. They have prayed for, loved and served this community, and yet they were hungry to see it changed by the hope of Jesus in a deeper way. What would it look like if the next church leaders came from within this community? How might it enrich the life and witness of the church? Read more ...

Meet Kim

September 2021

In autumn 2020, we launched, with your support, an exciting new venture; Innovista GB, training leaders in the most disadvantaged areas of the United Kingdom. Read more ...

Five things to do in lockdown

May 2020

Innovista's National Director in Moldova, Maricela, has shared a brilliant story about the resilience and creativity of young people in lockdown in their capital city, Chisinau. It resonates deeply with what Thrive Teams are doing in Oxford at the moment. Across our many locations, Innovista is enabling young leaders to impact their communities at this time of international crisis.

Last autumn, these seven young people in Chisinau completed Innovista's Tempo leadership course with Maricela. Full of hope and vision for their city, and especially for others their age, they planned and launched a fantastic youth club called "Be... Read more ...