2022 Prospectus

Find out what we have to offer in 2022 with our new prospectus.

Mentoring that Transforms

We have just launched our new mentoring training after years of development.  In some ways this training isn’t new- it is a culmination of the experience and skills of ten youth workers who have been honing their practice for more than ten years. It is the result of some successes and many mistakes made on […]

Equipping Churches to Reach Their Community

This year we’ve been working with an amazing church that has faithfully served an under-reached and under-resourced estate in it’s parish for years. They have prayed for, loved and served this community, and yet they were hungry to see it changed by the hope of Jesus in a deeper way. What would it look like […]

Meet Kim

In autumn 2020, we launched, with your support, an exciting new venture; Innovista GB, training leaders in the most disadvantaged areas of the United Kingdom. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting disadvantaged communities disproportionately, it is a timely new project. Kim is one of the new leaders we have been investing in. He is helping a […]

Introducing Innovista GB

14 million people in the UK are living in poverty. In many disadvantaged communities, families face daily struggles and young people are growing up with barriers to achieve their potential and live life to the full. Though Christians have made many efforts to contribute to social action, churches have been ill-equipped to identify and meet […]

Multiplying our mission in Oxford

Multiplying our mission in Oxford Two years ago, an enthusiastic young man called Daniel approached Innovista, wanting to take part in our pilot Youth Ministry Training programme. He had a heart for youth work but very little experience, and wanted to be better equipped. Fast-forward a couple of years, and Daniel is now leading our youth […]

Success is still being here

Celebrating 10 years of Thrive Teams in Barton When Thrive Teams began working in Barton 10 years ago, partnering with the newly planted Barton Community Church, it was commented on by a local church member that “Barton is a graveyard for churches”. Yet, 10 years on and many baptisms later, the church remains an integral […]

Five things to do in lockdown

Innovista’s National Director in Moldova, Maricela, has shared a brilliant story about the resilience and creativity of young people in lockdown in their capital city, Chisinau. It resonates deeply with what Thrive Teams are doing in Oxford at the moment. Across our many locations, Innovista is enabling young leaders to impact their communities at this […]

Thrive Teams Appeal Update

Thrive Teams Appeal Update A lot has happened since we wrote to you on 20 March to ask you to please help Team Leader Matt as he, and his Thrive Teams colleagues, urgently moved all of their youth work online. We were so encouraged by the warmth of your response and your incredible generosity. Thanks […]

From the playground to the stage

Thrive Teams partner with several local schools, which helps support our work with the young people we are working with. We caught up with South Abingdon youth worker, Rebecca, to hear what’s been happening recently with a particular group of 13 year old girls, and how they ended up on stage! ‘A year ago, we […]