Innovista GB works with leaders and teams to identify the holistic needs in their community, develop a strategy, and deliver local projects that meet those needs.

All of our training is high quality, practical and collaborative.

Tempo Leadership Course

This transformative course helps leadership teams to understand the context where they serve, develop vision, and empower healthy teams for mission.

The course equips leaders in four key areas:

Being Led By God. Effective leaders are first and foremost followers of Jesus. The end goal of growing churches requires spiritual formation, so that leaders can join in with the missio dei. 

Leading Self Effective and sustainable leadership is built upon character traits such as resilience, integrity, and humility. 

Leading Others We aim to help leaders develop the giftings and tools needed to effectively lead others and make an impact. 

Understanding Context To bring change, leaders need understanding of where God has placed them contextually and culturally.   

 Over eight sessions leaders turn learning into practice with the help of coaching and practical tools along the way.

Session one –Setting The Tempo 

Orientating ourselves in God’s mission, discerning individual calling, understanding team growth and the context we are in.  

Session two – Teams On Mission 

Setting the starting point for mission, discovering purpose, growing healthy teams and community mapping.  

Session three – Vision For Mission In My Context 

Rooting action in prayer, understanding missional formation, developing and sharing compelling vision, engaging with problems and solutions where we are. 

Session four – Building A Team 

Developing missional curiosity, navigating change and conflict and defining community. 

Session five – Growing People For Mission 

Growing leaders, sustainability, discipleship and contextual formation. 

Session six – Strategy 

Setting rhythms and boundaries, structuring for growth, setting goals and measuring outcomes.   

Session seven – Stewardship 

Stewardship, accountability, tracking progress, defining growth.  

Session eight – Putting It Into Practice 

Looking at the future church, evaluating personal growth and team purpose, sharing stories of impact.  

Tailored Workshops

We offer tailor-made training to help leaders transform their church and community by deepening the ways in which they are led by God, leading self and leading others. Get in touch for a free coaching session to define your needs and make a plan for action.