Innovista has been partnering with churches in the UK for the past ten years. These long term relationships enable us to walk alongside church leaders, staff and volunteers, helping them to overcome challenges as they establish mission. We create tailored packages of training and coaching to identify areas for development and support teams through growth and change. Partnerships have an initial lifespan of 18 months, are reviewed annually and renewed as needed. We expect the average support for a church to be at least five years to fully develop the teams experience and skills.

Where we work

Innovista GB will seek to work in the least-resourced and least-reached places in the country. We will concentrate our resources in hubs- cities where we have a local representative and at least three church partnerships committed to collaboration and sharing resources. We will identify these hubs based on:

  • levels of poverty
  • number of local churches working in deprived communities
  • distribution of council and charity support to these communities

Tools and Resources

Innovista’s Mentoring, Young Leaders, and Discipleship Programmes equip churches with the skills and tools to reach young people and families in a contextual way. Other tools and resources are created and shared between our partner churches on an ongoing basis.