• About Barton

    Home to around 3,500 people, Barton lies at the eastern edge of Oxford, just outside the ring road that separates it from the rest of the city.
    But that road doesn’t just mark a municipal boundary. Travel a few yards from Headington to Barton and life expectancy for boys drops a full eight years.
    45% of residents have no or low qualifications – double the city average. One in three of its young people live in poverty, many in lone parent households.
    Barton’s young people don’t enjoy the head-start in life that many others their age have.
    But when they learn to believe in themselves, they find they have an invaluable contribution to make to their community. We’re here to help them on that life-changing journey.

  • Barton Community Church

    Barton Community Church (BCC) was planted out of Headington Baptist Church in June 2010 with a barbecue and bike workshop, which became a regular feature of life in the community.

    Sunday@4, as it became known, has now grown into a weekly expression of worship that meets in Barton Neighbourhood Centre, with around 40 people from all ages and backgrounds attending on any given Sunday.

    Barton Community Church seeks ‘to be an authentic community bringing hope to the heart of Barton through making Jesus known’.

    Sharon, a grandmother who has lived on the estate most of her life, loves sharing what God has done for her since coming to church.

    ‘At the beginning, I used to come to Sunday@4 just for the food and the people; it wasn’t to do with the Godly stuff.

    ‘Four years later I still love coming and being part of it. It has to be about more than the people, it’s totally about God!

    ‘I’ve been through some traumatic times, but God has helped me to cope with everything and provided for the family in loads of ways.’

    Mark is a young person who has grown up in Barton. ‘Before coming to church I was quite a shy person and didn’t really talk to many people. Being part of BCC has helped me to be more confident and make some really good friends. God means a lot to me!’